Update March 2021

I am sorry, I haven’t been posting our prayer letters on our website since September of last year. So this is to update those who may not have been receiving our letters. In late October into November of last year, the quarantine restrictions started to relax. We were able to take the boys out of the house more. In November, we were able to get temporary proof of our Carnets that allowed us to finally open a bank account here in Peru. It took most of November to get the details worked out, but it is working smoothly now. In December, we were finally able to meet in at church for the first time since March of 2020. It was a blessing. Unfortunately, the day after Christmas, Rob started feeling sick. We didn’t go to church the last Sunday of December just to be safe. By the end of that week, Rob and Rebekah were tested for Covid and the tests came back positive. We spent the rest of January self quarantining, recovering and making sure everyone was healthy before going back out. We were able to attend one Wednesday night service in January before the country locked down again. This time, it is based on bi-weekly evaluations of different areas of Peru that determine the extent of your quarantine. We have become more familiar with using programs like Zoom to stay have services. There is a ladies prayer meeting on Friday nights. A deaf service is getting started on Fridays as well. We were able to start including an interpreter for most services. Please pray for the Lindsey family. They live at the church and have had to run all of this on their own during the lockdowns. Thankfully, this week, we are finally lifted from “Extreme Level” restrictions to “High Level.” This means we are able to go out on Sundays, though no one can use their personal vehicles. And we are allowed to have services with a 20% capacity. Please pray we do not return to “Extreme Lever” restrictions again.

At the end of December we announced that we are expecting our fourth child in July of this year. We have just learned that it will be another boy. We are making plans to return to the States in June. The baby is due July 28th. We will be staying in the States through November. We would like to schedule some meetings to raise some more support while we are in the States. We have gotten a late start to planning and contacting churches as it was not our plan to be back this year. Please pray we can connect with the churches God wants to support us. We would like to be able to afford a vehicle in 2022. Up until now, because of the restrictions, a vehicle was not necessary. But as things are opening up, it has become more evident that a vehicle would save us time and even money with shopping trips and trips to Lima when necessary.

Thank you for your time, prayers, and financial support. I will work on making sure I post our prayer letters on our website in the future. There is a new option I am considering where I can make a podcast update alongside our blog updates.

God bless,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan, Jonathan, and Baby Greene
Missionaries in Peru, South America

Quarantine Continues

Dear Praying Supporters,

     It is hard to believe it has been two months already.  The quarantine has continued, and it is easy to lose track of time.  We have continued our language studies and have started paying a couple ladies to teach Nate and Ethan during our class.  For a while they allowed children to go out for 30 minutes to an hour, but this month they restarted full-time quarantine for children. We are still connecting with the people around us.  Rob has preached his first message in Spanish.  Because no one is allowed out on Sundays, we are still having services on Facebook.  So, Rob had to record his message.  Our Spanish teacher has started having us have a song in Spanish ready every week and a lesson in Spanish every other week.  We decided to start recording songs and Rob’s messages to help with services. Click on this YouTube Link to see our first song. https://youtu.be/g4me5tinEuw

     Work on the floor at the church has continued, but Rob has not been able to help as much because our Spanish studies have gotten harder.  The last couple weeks have been difficult for the Lindsey Family, because they live at the church and have been sanding the new floor.  Pleas pray the rest of this stage goes smoothly so they can breathe easier.      We are continuing to pray about where God would have us be and how He would have us to serve in Peru, but right now we are making no major plans until the quarantine lets up and life in Peru returns to some form of normalcy.  Thank you for your prayers and faithful support through this difficult time.  This last month was the first month since quarantine started that we have seen any dip in support.  In fact, due to special offerings, we have been over our expected support a couple times.  This has allowed us to save some money, as well as purchase some equipment for recording we described earlier.  We are praying for you as we covet your prayers.

God Bless,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan, and Jonathan Greene

Life in Quarantine outside the USA

We are getting settled in our house here in Huancayo, Peru.(not necessarily by choice) The same time the United States asked Americans to self-quarantine, the President of Peru began an enforced quarantine. As I have read about what missionaries in other countries are dealing with, I have to say, WE ARE BLESSED. We are allowed to go to the store almost every day. We have a nice house with a balcony and a small yard the boys can play in. We are SO thankful this didn’t happen in November or December before we had a refrigerator or the things we shipped down. We are thankful we were able to get internet connected to our house before this happened. We had planned on learning Spanish online through Spanish4Servants. Because of this, we are still learning Spanish even during the quarantine. We haven’t been able to get out and practice as much as we wanted to, but we are still learning. We have been able to use this time to focus on our boys. They hadn’t been making the adjustment to life in Peru very smoothly. This has given us a chance to focus on them and help them establish a routine. God has been good to us and provided for our needs during this time.

Peru has been extending the quarantine two weeks at a time. I just heard today that it has been extended another two weeks. During the quarantine, the Peruvian government has been experimenting with different ideas to keep COVID-19 from spreading too much. For about a week, men and women could go out shopping on separate days. Nobody is allowed out on Sundays. In order to be out, you have to go online and apply for a pass to carry with you. Only certain people can apply for permission to use their vehicles. To be caught driving your vehicle without permission could result in a fine and your vehicle being impounded, possibly indefinitely. Only one person per household is allowed out of the house at a time. Stores and banks are only allowed to be open for limited periods of time during the day. Those times change based on the city. Here in Huancayo, for the most part, the stores are open from 10 AM to 2-3PM, depending on the store. We are blessed to be a block away from a small market where we can get most of what we need. Being new to Peru and having limited Spanish, it has been challenging finding out what/when changes have been made to these different government mandates. The Lindsey Family and Bro. Matsuda(our Spanish teacher who is a Pastor in Arequipa, Peru) have been VERY helpful. We are so thankful for them.

Peruvians in general are suffering from the shutdown. Many did not have money saved for something like this. From my observation, Peruvians are generally hard workers, but for many of them(if not most) they live from week to week. Now, for over a month, they have not been able to legally work to earn money. We have been praying for the people we got to know before this started. Our church services have been online since the beginning of the quarantine. It was a blessing to be able to provide some tools to help Bro. Markos with streaming the services online. We have seen an increase of interest in the services from the deaf community here in Huancayo. Please pray we can use this time to reach more people here in Huancayo, to begin to disciple those who come to Christ, and to see the church grow physically and spiritually. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Back Home Again in Indiana

Dear Praying Supporters,

We finished our trip up the East Coast. We traveled over 8,000 miles since January and had meetings in Ohio, Florida, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Massachusetts. We already have three new supporting churches from this trip and the potential for more in the future. Thank you for your prayers. God’s protection and provision over the last three months has been amazing!

Life has been crazy since we got back into Indiana. We got back in time to spend Resurrection Sunday at our sending church. We were also able to make it to our sending church’s 34th anniversary. We were able to get some pallets and begin organizing some of our stuff to ship to Peru later this year. We have also got the paperwork filled out and mailed for Jonathan’s Passport. Please pray that all goes through easily.

I have also worked on updating our list of supporting churches. With the churches that started supporting us this year and the churches that have just taken us on for support, we are now at 65% of our goal! We are praying for 75%-80% for this first move to Peru. During the first couple of years, our expenses will be lower enabling us to start with less than 100%. We will try to raise the rest when we come back to the states in 2-3 years.

Finally, if you missed it in the last letter, GIBM has changed their address. You can fill out the checks the same, but send them to:
P.O. Box 700, Sherman, TX 75091.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.

God Bless,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan, and Jonathan Greene
Missionary to Peru

January/February 2019

Dear Praying Partners,

     It was 36 degrees below zero while Rob was packing up the van to go to Ohio for a missions conference in late January. The conference in Ohio was a blessing as we had opportunities to go soul winning and to sit and learn from a couple of more experienced missionaries that were in the conference. After the conference we headed down to Florida to start our trip up along the east coast.  In Florida, we were able to meet up with Rebekah’s family as her sister was Stateside from South Korea where she teaches English.  This may be the last time we are all Stateside at the same time for several years.

     We had a couple of meetings in Florida and gained another supporting church!  There was a gap in our schedule where we had nowhere to stay.  In a round-about way, only God could orchestrate, the Petricks found out we were in the area and told us they had a missions apartment available for exactly the time we needed. We were able to visit a couple more churches in the area while we were there.

     Rob was able to buy tickets to fly to Peru this July to find a place for us to move to in November.  It is not unusual for a rental to need some work, so Rob will arrange for the necessary work and fly back early in August.  We will finish out our deputation August through October and will all fly down to Peru in November.  Thanks in advance to the Lindsey’s helping us be able to do this.

     Finally, if you have been sending your support to GIBM, they have changed their address.  You can fill out the checks the same, but send them to: P.O. Box 700, Sherman, TX 75091.

Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support over the years. I know our deputation has drug out longer than average. I shoulder the blame for that and apologize. Please pray for us as we draw closer to our goal of moving to Peru.

God Bless,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan and Jonathan Greene
Missionaries to Peru

Christmas 2018

It has been a year of trials, blessings, and watching God sustain us through it all. God helped us when we were stranded in Dodge City, Kansas with no easy way to get home. We were blessed to be able to get a new vehicle to
finish out deputation. God blessed us with our third son, Jonathan. This year we have traveled over 20,000 miles and have picked up support from several churches putting us just over 50% of our goal. We expect to be close to 55% in January when several other churches we visited this year begin their support. We thank God for the safety He has given us over the miles and the many wonderful churches we have visited this year.

We mentioned in our previous letter that Satan seemed to be attacking our extended family to discourage us. Basically, both sets of our parents are going through major job changes at the same time. God has provided for each of them through this time. They are not completely out of the woods yet, but God is working as He always does.

We still have a goal of moving to the field to start learning the language and culture in 2019. I believe we could do this part with about 65% of our support. We are trying to schedule meetings along the East Coast from
February through April. We want to stay around Indiana for May and June as we make preparations to move in the summer of 2019. Please pray we are able to raise the support and save the money necessary for this move.

Thank you for your continued
prayer and financial support.
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!

September/October 2018

We have begun travelling once again! The Lord gave us a couple months for Rebekah to heal and get baby Jonathan adjusted to life in the outside world. Praise the Lord both are doing well. We are excited about once again being able to present our field to more churches. The Lord allowed us to be able to attend the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship meeting in Chicago in September. We were able to make some positive contacts for potential future meetings. During September, we also were able to present our work at Grass Lake Baptist Church in Grass Lake, Michigan. This church was a wonderful blessing to our family.

We have been traveling between Texas and Oklahoma presenting our work in several churches. We started our trip with a missions conference in Mustang Oklahoma at the Lighthouse Baptist Church with Pastor Ben Shaine. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there. We then headed to Denton Texas to present at Central Baptist Church, Pastor Paul Shelton. The Lord allowed us to be able to help that church canvas their area with flyers for their Fall Festival. We then were able to head up to Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma and present our ministry with Liberty Baptist Church, Pastor Langley. There, we were blessed to get to meet up with fellow graduates and missionary friends to Japan, Chris and Kim Walters.   Bro. Ed Pearson was the speaker and all his messages were a huge blessing and encouragement.

God has been blessing us and meeting all of our needs. Lord willing, we have three more supporting churches. Please pray for our family. On October 31, Rob is flying from Oklahoma City to Washington State for a few meetings and then flying to Colorado for a few more meetings. Rebekah’s Mom is flying into Oklahoma City to help Rebekah drive her and the three boys to Colorado while Rob is in Washington. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Please pray:

Travel Safety

Full Schedule for Winter/Spring 2019

Saving Money for Moving Expenses for July 2019

More Churches to Support us
For Christ’s Glory,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan, and Jonathan Greene
Missionaries to Peru

July-August 2018

Sorry for not posting these to our website recently.

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, 

On July 2nd, Jonathan Michael Green was born. Life has been busy since the addition of our third little boy. Our two older boys love their little brother…sometimes a little too much. 

We have been able to schedule some meetings in between doctor’s appointments. We had meetings in Indiana in July and in Minnesota in August. Another church also picked us up for support. We are over 50% of our full support goal. 

While we were home in Indianapolis, we were able to go through and organize most of the stuff in our storage unit. We were able to get most of it cataloged and into plastic totes. We also worked on scheduling some meetings and filled up most of our fall schedule. We are working on scheduling more meetings for 2019. Our prayer and goal is to have at least 65-70% of our support by next summer so we can move down to Peru in July or August of next year. 

Ever since we started saying we were planning on moving to Peru in the summer or 2019, Satan has been attacking us in various ways. Recently, he has targeted our extended family. I won’t go into details, but both sides of our family are experiencing difficult situations and are waiting on the Lord for answers. Please pray that their needs would be met and for God’s clear direction. 

Please pray:
Full schedule for 2019
More Churches to take us on for support
Save money for moving to Peru(need between $10,000-$15,000) 

For Christ’s Glory,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan, and Jonathan Greene
Missionaries to Peru 

March/April 2018

God Is Blessing

Life has been busy since our last letter. It is hard to believe that it has been two months. The Lord has blessed us with great meetings and conferences. We were able to be in our home church for Easter and it’s 33rd anniversary this month. We have gained some more supporting churches and hope to hear from others in the near future. We are around 45% of our support.

I mentioned in our last letter that we still had a good van to travel in for deputation. It was a good van, but it was 18 years old, had a lot of miles, and was getting small for traveling in. Under the council of our sending Pastor, we began looking into getting a new, more reliable vehicle with more space to finish out our deputation. God blessed and enabled us to get a new van in the end of May. It has considerably more space so we can get a third car seat in it this summer.

While we were in several conferences, God allowed us to find some time to focus on our family in some needed R&R. One week, we got back just in time to make it to the couples retreat at our church. Another period of time stayed open so we were able to take a short, inexpensive vacation in Waco, Texas. We are back in Indiana now. Bekah’s doctor’s appointments are every other week now, and they suggested she no longer travel. We have one more conference in Texas at the end of this month that Rob will fly out to other than that, we are scheduling things in the Indiana area for the next couple of months. Our summer and fall schedule is still sporadic and spread out, but we are working on filling in the gaps. We are praying about visiting the east coast next Spring.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God Bless,

Robert, Rebekah, Nathaniel and Ethan Greene
Missionaries to Peru

January/February 2018

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.
Psalm 118:1

These past two months have been a time of trial and testing for our family; but the Lord has been good and taken care of us through every trial. As you may remember, at the end of last year we purchased a motorhome to travel with on deputation. It was in the shop until January when we loaded it up and headed south for some meetings. We were in Oklahoma City for a church planters conference when the furnace went out. The Lord provided us a place to stay while it was cold and we planned on heading south where it would be warm enough for me to fix it. As we were leaving, we smelled gasoline and found gasoline flowing out of the engine. For the next two weeks, God provided in so many ways as we got it fixed and fixed the furnace. The weather was warmer those weeks we were in Oklahoma City and allowed us to do some maintenance work while we were there. During this week, God miraculously provided the $1,000 needed to fix the engine. We headed up to a Round-Robin Conference in Kansas; on our way, the tailpipe of the motorhome fell down. Rob was able to tie it up to get where we needed to go, but once again the motorhome needed work. We were staying in Elkhart, Kansas and First Baptist committed to helping us get the muffler replaced. The closest place that could fix it was a couple hours away in Dodge City Kansas. We left it there for the week of the conference and stayed in the missions house in Elkhart. After the conference, we went to pick up the motorhome and head to our next meeting. We got almost 20 miles out of Dodge City and the engine broke down. We towed it back to Dodge and had the mechanic look at it. This time, the engine was shot and they quoted a starting price of over $10,000 to fix it. We rented a car and made it to our meeting that Wednesday. The Lord provided in more ways than I can tell over the next four days as we had to figure out what to do with the motorhome and how to get us and our stuff out of Dodge. We got back to Indiana where we had left our van and spent last week transitioning back to traveling in a minivan. Even with all that happening, we never had to cancel a meeting, we gained four new supporting churches, and we’re still debt free—we even have some money in the bank. Only the Lord could do that.

Bekah had a doctor appointment while back in Indiana and we are excited to announce that we are expecting another boy on July 6th. Please pray for Bekah and the baby’s health. Bekah has had to get IV fluids three times already with this pregnancy.

Also, pray for wisdom as we try to figure out what to do about traveling with a third boy in our minivan.

For Christ’s Glory,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan and Baby Greene