Bekah’s Testimony

Family Pic 2018(2)I was blessed to be able to grow up in a Christian home. My parents began teaching my sister and me how to memorize verses and the books of the Bible from the time we could talk; so by the time I was four, I understood that I was a sinner in need of salvation. I woke up at three in the morning from a bad dream in which I had died and gone to hell. I ran to my mom’s room and woke her up. When she asked what was wrong, I told her that if I didn’t get saved right then I would die and go to hell. She realized I was very serious; she went downstairs and called my dad and asked him if he thought I was ready to be saved. My dad said it sounded like I was ready; that night, in front of the couch, my mom knelt with me, took me through the plan of salvation, and helped me pray and ask Jesus to save me. After praying, mom asked if I was saved. I said, “No.” Confused, my mom asked why I said that. I answered, “Because I didn’t ask Jesus to throw my sins in the trash can.” Mom went back through the plan of salvation with me just to make sure I understood. I did, but in my four year old mind, I needed to ask Jesus to throw my sins in the trash can. We prayed again and this time prayed that prayer. After praying, mom again asked if I were to die, did I know I would go to heaven. This time I said yes! I was baptized a year later at Timberline Baptist Church in Manitou Springs, Colorado,

When I was ten, our church had a missions conference. After helping with cleanup, I remember walking into the auditorium, and seeing a missionary presentation. It was during that presentation that I knew God wanted me to be a missionary. As I grew older, the calling became stronger and I knew without a doubt God wanted me to serve Him on the mission field someday. After much praying about which Bible College I was to go to, the Lord finally closed all doors except for Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City. It was there that God led me to meet my husband. God allowed us to court for two years. On June 7, 2014, just three weeks after I graduated from Heartland with my Mission major, Rob and I were married. We then became the Part-Time Missions Interns at the Lighthouse Baptist church in Indianapolis, Indiana, under Pastor Dan Tidd. We were able to serve there and help with the Junior High department, Junior Choir, Bus ministry, Music ministry, and many other areas.

In 2016, we began deputation and arrived in Peru November 2019.  God allowed us to just get settled when the country shut down because of Covid-19.  Thankfully, we were still able to witness and be a testimony to the people around us.  During this time, I was able to witness to several people, invite them to online church services and VBS, and I was able to lead one young lady to the Lord.  I was able to teach another lady in the church how to play piano.  I was also able to give a devotion to the ladies a few times during their Friday night ladies meetings.  It was a blessing, but in 2021, we returned to the States to have our fourth son.  It was during this time through prayer and fasting that God confirmed that He was moving us back to the States to begin working with the Deaf in Indianapolis, IN.