April 2021 Update

     The last couple of months have been busy with things opening up a bit more, making traveling plans for paperwork and returning to the States in June, and elections here in Peru.

     We have been able to start having church services at 20% capacity at the church.  There have been a couple of times we were over that limit.  There have also been a couple of professions of faith since things started opening again.  It is encouraging to see the people excited to start attending church in person again.  Rebekah got a chance to witness to a young lady.  She understood and said she agreed with everything we showed her from the Bible, but said she wanted to pray by herself later that night.  We are following up with her and the young people of the church are trying to involve her with their activities.  Please pray her heart would be open to the truth of God’s Word, and she would grow spiritually.

     We will be making a trip to Lima the last week of April to pick up our Carnets.  We need to have our actual carnets before they can start processing the extension.(Yes, we are paying for an extension for Carnets we haven’t received yet.  Thanks Covid.)  There are several risks/complications that could come from this trip.  This far along in Bekah’s pregnancy, she may not adjust back to the elevation in Huancayo(10,000 ft.)  Also, now that the main election is over, they are restarting some restrictions.  So far, they haven’t started requiring Covid tests to fly within Peru.  If they start that, our trip becomes much more expensive, because we will have to take the test to go to Lima and again to come back to Huancayo. We were able to find an affordable flight to Lima in June the day before we fly out of Lima to the States. This is helpful because we can get our covid tests here and Bekah can get a medical approval to fly from her doctor here in Huancayo. Please pray that all goes smoothly.

     Speaking of their elections, from what I understand, the leading presidential candidate is VERY liberal.  Trying to describe how liberal he is, we’ve read comparisons to Cuba and Venezuela.   That election will not take place until June(hopefully not the weekend before we fly back to the States), so we should be able to get back to the States before anything crazy happens.  But we are praying for guidance on when and how to return.  Unless God closes the door, we will return to Peru in December.

     Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

By GreeneFamilyMissions

After spending a year and a half in Peru, God has moved us back to the States to work among the deaf in Indianapolis, IN.

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