Update March 2021

I am sorry, I haven’t been posting our prayer letters on our website since September of last year. So this is to update those who may not have been receiving our letters. In late October into November of last year, the quarantine restrictions started to relax. We were able to take the boys out of the house more. In November, we were able to get temporary proof of our Carnets that allowed us to finally open a bank account here in Peru. It took most of November to get the details worked out, but it is working smoothly now. In December, we were finally able to meet in at church for the first time since March of 2020. It was a blessing. Unfortunately, the day after Christmas, Rob started feeling sick. We didn’t go to church the last Sunday of December just to be safe. By the end of that week, Rob and Rebekah were tested for Covid and the tests came back positive. We spent the rest of January self quarantining, recovering and making sure everyone was healthy before going back out. We were able to attend one Wednesday night service in January before the country locked down again. This time, it is based on bi-weekly evaluations of different areas of Peru that determine the extent of your quarantine. We have become more familiar with using programs like Zoom to stay have services. There is a ladies prayer meeting on Friday nights. A deaf service is getting started on Fridays as well. We were able to start including an interpreter for most services. Please pray for the Lindsey family. They live at the church and have had to run all of this on their own during the lockdowns. Thankfully, this week, we are finally lifted from “Extreme Level” restrictions to “High Level.” This means we are able to go out on Sundays, though no one can use their personal vehicles. And we are allowed to have services with a 20% capacity. Please pray we do not return to “Extreme Lever” restrictions again.

At the end of December we announced that we are expecting our fourth child in July of this year. We have just learned that it will be another boy. We are making plans to return to the States in June. The baby is due July 28th. We will be staying in the States through November. We would like to schedule some meetings to raise some more support while we are in the States. We have gotten a late start to planning and contacting churches as it was not our plan to be back this year. Please pray we can connect with the churches God wants to support us. We would like to be able to afford a vehicle in 2022. Up until now, because of the restrictions, a vehicle was not necessary. But as things are opening up, it has become more evident that a vehicle would save us time and even money with shopping trips and trips to Lima when necessary.

Thank you for your time, prayers, and financial support. I will work on making sure I post our prayer letters on our website in the future. There is a new option I am considering where I can make a podcast update alongside our blog updates.

God bless,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan, Jonathan, and Baby Greene
Missionaries in Peru, South America

By GreeneFamilyMissions

After spending a year and a half in Peru, God has moved us back to the States to work among the deaf in Indianapolis, IN.

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