Quarantine Continues

Dear Praying Supporters,

     It is hard to believe it has been two months already.  The quarantine has continued, and it is easy to lose track of time.  We have continued our language studies and have started paying a couple ladies to teach Nate and Ethan during our class.  For a while they allowed children to go out for 30 minutes to an hour, but this month they restarted full-time quarantine for children. We are still connecting with the people around us.  Rob has preached his first message in Spanish.  Because no one is allowed out on Sundays, we are still having services on Facebook.  So, Rob had to record his message.  Our Spanish teacher has started having us have a song in Spanish ready every week and a lesson in Spanish every other week.  We decided to start recording songs and Rob’s messages to help with services. Click on this YouTube Link to see our first song. https://youtu.be/g4me5tinEuw

     Work on the floor at the church has continued, but Rob has not been able to help as much because our Spanish studies have gotten harder.  The last couple weeks have been difficult for the Lindsey Family, because they live at the church and have been sanding the new floor.  Pleas pray the rest of this stage goes smoothly so they can breathe easier.      We are continuing to pray about where God would have us be and how He would have us to serve in Peru, but right now we are making no major plans until the quarantine lets up and life in Peru returns to some form of normalcy.  Thank you for your prayers and faithful support through this difficult time.  This last month was the first month since quarantine started that we have seen any dip in support.  In fact, due to special offerings, we have been over our expected support a couple times.  This has allowed us to save some money, as well as purchase some equipment for recording we described earlier.  We are praying for you as we covet your prayers.

God Bless,
Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Ethan, and Jonathan Greene

By GreeneFamilyMissions

After spending a year and a half in Peru, God has moved us back to the States to work among the deaf in Indianapolis, IN.

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