Life in Quarantine outside the USA

We are getting settled in our house here in Huancayo, Peru.(not necessarily by choice) The same time the United States asked Americans to self-quarantine, the President of Peru began an enforced quarantine. As I have read about what missionaries in other countries are dealing with, I have to say, WE ARE BLESSED. We are allowed to go to the store almost every day. We have a nice house with a balcony and a small yard the boys can play in. We are SO thankful this didn’t happen in November or December before we had a refrigerator or the things we shipped down. We are thankful we were able to get internet connected to our house before this happened. We had planned on learning Spanish online through Spanish4Servants. Because of this, we are still learning Spanish even during the quarantine. We haven’t been able to get out and practice as much as we wanted to, but we are still learning. We have been able to use this time to focus on our boys. They hadn’t been making the adjustment to life in Peru very smoothly. This has given us a chance to focus on them and help them establish a routine. God has been good to us and provided for our needs during this time.

Peru has been extending the quarantine two weeks at a time. I just heard today that it has been extended another two weeks. During the quarantine, the Peruvian government has been experimenting with different ideas to keep COVID-19 from spreading too much. For about a week, men and women could go out shopping on separate days. Nobody is allowed out on Sundays. In order to be out, you have to go online and apply for a pass to carry with you. Only certain people can apply for permission to use their vehicles. To be caught driving your vehicle without permission could result in a fine and your vehicle being impounded, possibly indefinitely. Only one person per household is allowed out of the house at a time. Stores and banks are only allowed to be open for limited periods of time during the day. Those times change based on the city. Here in Huancayo, for the most part, the stores are open from 10 AM to 2-3PM, depending on the store. We are blessed to be a block away from a small market where we can get most of what we need. Being new to Peru and having limited Spanish, it has been challenging finding out what/when changes have been made to these different government mandates. The Lindsey Family and Bro. Matsuda(our Spanish teacher who is a Pastor in Arequipa, Peru) have been VERY helpful. We are so thankful for them.

Peruvians in general are suffering from the shutdown. Many did not have money saved for something like this. From my observation, Peruvians are generally hard workers, but for many of them(if not most) they live from week to week. Now, for over a month, they have not been able to legally work to earn money. We have been praying for the people we got to know before this started. Our church services have been online since the beginning of the quarantine. It was a blessing to be able to provide some tools to help Bro. Markos with streaming the services online. We have seen an increase of interest in the services from the deaf community here in Huancayo. Please pray we can use this time to reach more people here in Huancayo, to begin to disciple those who come to Christ, and to see the church grow physically and spiritually. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

By GreeneFamilyMissions

After spending a year and a half in Peru, God has moved us back to the States to work among the deaf in Indianapolis, IN.

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