January 2017

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

What a year it has already been so far. God has blessed us with a busy couple of months. We started this year off in Oklahoma and have been busy ever since! The Lord allowed us to ring in the new year by being a part of a watch night service for the Little Cowetta Indian Baptist Church in Eufala, Oklahoma. We had such a sweet time of fellowship with those sweet people and thoroughly enjoyed seeing God bless through the services we were with them. New Year’s Day, however, we ended up having to take Ethan to the Urgent Care because he was really congested and was wheezing. The doctor gave him a breathing treatment and then some medicine. It was great to see the Lord provide for our financial needs through this and Ethan is doing so much better.

After being in Eufala, we moved on to Tulsa Baptist Temple with Pastor Rocky Harrill. While there, the Lord opened the door for us to present at Eastland Baptist Church in Tulsa. It was so wonderful to see the Lord leading and opening the doors for us. We had a wonderful time with both churches and were very humbled by how they blessed us. We then made our way to Victory Baptist Church in Midwest City, Oklahoma. There Rebekah was able to give her testimony at their Ladies Meeting and we were able to present that Sunday Morning. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and the Lord used them to provide for our needs once again.

We were then able to attend the National Church Planting Conference at Heartland Baptist Bible College for two days before heading to Arizona to be in a Missions conference at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Phoenix with Pastor Terry Randolph and his church. This conference was such a blessing and we were blessed by all the presentations as well as the preaching by Bro. Lou Baldwin. It was a wonderful reminder to focus on the souls around us as we are traveling around the United States. The Lord used Cornerstone to meet some more of our needs. It has been humbling as well as wonderful to see God provide for all our needs whether it be by a church providing a place to stay, or them helping us financially or even just providing us with things we need such as Cornerstone did by providing many different “little things” we needed (like a new pair of winter boots for Rebekah)! God has been good and faithful to us over and over again and we are truly undeserving, but grateful for His faithful provision in our lives.

Thank you for your faithful support both through finances as well as through prayer. We greatly need prayer and are thankful for the churches and individuals that pray for us faithfully!

For Christ’s Glory,

Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel and Ethan Greene


By GreeneFamilyMissions

After spending a year and a half in Peru, God has moved us back to the States to work among the deaf in Indianapolis, IN.

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