On the Road!

What an eventful two weeks we have had to start Deputation!  Actually, the first two months of this year have been a rollercoaster ride.  It seems as though at least one of us has been dealing with some health issue.  Nothing major, but just enough to keep life interesting.  We also moved out of our apartment and condensed everything we have into two rooms at Rob’s parent’s house, a storage unit, and our van.  Who knew you accumulate so much stuff in less than two years of marriage!  But, through it all we have seen the Lord provide again and again.

The Missions Conference at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City was a big blessing and a great way to kick-off our first trip on deputation.  Rob was able to preach Thursday morning.  It was amazing to see God bring together the messages that were preached that morning.  Friday morning we were able to sit in the deaf section.  As only God could orchestrate, there had been a change to the schedule and they had one extra preacher for whom they did not have an interpreter.  Bekah was able to interpret.  She hadn’t done it in a couple years, but God enabled her to do an excellent job.  She was also able to sing a special that morning.  Saturday, they had a men’s breakfast and a panel discussion with the missionaries.  The ladies had a luncheon after which Bekah was able to give a testimony with the other missionary wives.  Sunday, Rob taught the Family Foundations class at Southwest for Sunday School, and the first and second grade for Jr. Church.  The whole conference was such a blessing, and we were able to enjoy sweet fellowship with many old and new friends.  All the other missionaries were such a blessing to be around and talk with.  We are so thankful for such a wonderful start to our deputation journey.

Monday, March 7, we headed down to Healdton, Oklahoma for a pastor’s meeting.  We were there Monday night and Tuesday Morning.  It was such a blessing.  We were able to present our field and ministry as well as make some great contacts and meet a pastor we have a future meeting with.  We enjoyed wonderful preaching and great fellowship once again.  After lunch on Tuesday, we left and stopped by the house we are basing out of in OKC.  We switched out clothes, let Nate roam around outside of the carseat.  We then headed to Ponca City for a meeting at Central Baptist Church with Pastor Waterloo.  We were hosted by a sweet family who took great care of us and loved on Nathaniel.  We were able to enjoy some relaxation time and get caught up on sleep.  Wednesday night, Rob was able to teach a 15 minute lesson to the kids in their Children’s program.  Rob was then able to present the field to the church.  It was such a blessing and the church took very good care of us.

Thursday, after taking some resting time in the morning, we headed back to Oklahoma City once again.  We stopped in and visited with friends and Rebekah was able to attend a Heartland Helpmeets meeting at Heartland.  The lesson taught by Mrs. Anna Williams was on being a mom in the ministry.  It was such a great help and encouragement to Rebekah as she is dealing with this transition time of trying to minister during deputation but also being a new mom and expecting a new little one.

Please continue to pray for our traveling safety.  Also, please pray that we would be able to fill our schedule for this year and the next two years.  Please pray for our health and for a safe pregnancy for Rebekah.  Please pray for us to be a blessing to the churches we will be in and that we would raise the support we need to reach Peru in God’s timing.  Although we would like to raise support quickly, we know deputation is part of God’s plan and has a purpose for it.  Pray that we would wait on God’s timing and not become impatient.  Thank you for your prayer support.  We know prayer is the most important thing you can give us!  Thank you!

Rob, Rebekah, Nathaniel, and Baby Greene                                                                          Missionaries to Peru

By GreeneFamilyMissions

After spending a year and a half in Peru, God has moved us back to the States to work among the deaf in Indianapolis, IN.

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