Rob’s Testimony

P1100917I was blessed of God to be born and raised in a Christian home. At the age of five, I understood that Jesus had died to pay for my sins and save me from hell. I knelt by my bed and asked the Lord to take me to heaven when I died. At the age of seven, I was baptized into the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana where my family still attends and is actively involved.

My last year of Junior High, I responded to God’s call on my life to preach. I participated in the preaching competition at camp and God confirmed that He wanted me to preach. At the time, I was very interested in aviation and had always wanted to be a pilot. So, I combined my will with what I knew God wanted me to do, and said I was called to be a missionary pilot. I continued to say this all through High School and into college.

As I drew near my senior year of High School, God had not opened the door for me to get a pilot’s license. I did know, however, through attending college days at Heartland Baptist Bible College, that God wanted me to study for the ministry at Heartland. I still applied to a couple of other colleges, but God continued to point toward Heartland—which doesn’t have an aviation program. So, I went for my first year as a missions major, saying I might not do all four years if a door opened up to get my pilot’s license. That door never opened—and believe my, I looked. My senior year at Heartland, God finally got a hold of my heart, and I committed my life to His will, whether I ever fly another plane or not. That same night, God revealed to me His next step for my life.

I had worked with Rebekah Williamson in the deaf ministry. We had been in a class or two together. I had picked her up from work while I was driving shuttle for the college. Yet, I barely knew her name. I had never noticed her the way I did that night. I knew, that night, she was the one God wanted me to marry—now, just to convince her of that! I began that night to get to know her better, and the more I learned about her, the more I loved her. We started courting in April of 2012, but Bekah’s parents did not want her to get married before she finished her four-year missions degree—she had two years left. I decided to use these two years to continue learning there at Heartland, and thus entered the Grad School program at Heartland to further my education. That was a growing time for both of us. We established standards and asked people to keep us accountable to our wedding day.

On June 7, 2014, Bekah and I were married. We moved back to Indianapolis, Indiana where I became the missions intern at Lighthouse Baptist Church. While we were there, we were able to put into practice what we had learned at Heartland and learn ministry from a more hands-on perspective. We were also able to start getting ready for our next step as missionaries.

In January of 2015, I was able to make a “Burden Catching” trip to Peru. The Lord had seemed to be opening doors for us to go to Peru, but I still hadn’t caught a burden for the field. While I was in Peru with the Lindsey family, Brother Markos and I took several drives through villages and towns in the area, most of which had no witness of the gospel. While there, I definitely caught a burden for the people of Peru. I saw the need. I saw some of the potential of what God could do through my family there. Only God truly knows what He has planned for us when we get there. But, I know that Peru is the next major step that God has for my family.

By GreeneFamilyMissions

After spending a year and a half in Peru, God has moved us back to the States to work among the deaf in Indianapolis, IN.

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